Monday, July 6, 2009

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Do The Dada.

Dada Life have been moving bodies (on the dancefloor that is) since the 2006 release of 'Big time'. Last spring you all got a taste of the 'Happy Hands & Happy Feet EP'. Well, we had a listen to their new debut album, 'Just Do The Dada' |Due September 8 2009, on The Hours| and we think the Swedish duo (Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom) are here to stay. If you're a fan of House/Electronica, then you may find Dada Life a perfect fit. But we'll let Olle Corneer explain a bit about themselves:

“We don't want to be perceived as arty, but we like the anti-ideas and f*ck-off-attitude of Dada. We have just taken the word Dada and filled it with whatever we like. Like the title track "Just Do The Dada" - it doesn't really mean anything specific. That's also the ideas we want to communicate - the basic concept of Dada Life - anti-everything, f*ck-all, but still not pinpointed. Everybody can do the Dada. But no one really knows what it is. All this has been the idea from the start. Hence older titles "This Machine Kills Breakfasts", "Vote Yes" and "The Great Fashionista Swindle" and new tracks created for the album "Let's Get Bleeped Tonight" and "Happy Hands & Happy Feet." There's a certain attitude to Dada Life, but it's not specific,”

Don't Forget to Pick up 'Just Do The Dada' on September 8th. Until then, chew on this:

zSHARE: Happy Hands & Happy Feet Mp3
zSHARE: Perfect Itch Mp3
zSHARE: Don't Feed The Dada Mp3

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Techno Alta Q & A with MMMatthias...

Our beloved MMMatthias has taken the electro scene by storm in recent months. With last years Bloc Party remix 'Signs', to the more recent blog friendly Database remix 'Miami' its no wonder why. Today we had a chance to ask MMMatthias a few questions, here's how it went....


TA: Coming from Trier, what are you expectations as you travel to new places to play?

MMMatthias: ''At first I have to say that I really just started traveling and seeing new parts of
europe last year in summer...before that I had neither time nor money to do so.
Now I'm very thankful for being able to combine traveling and working/DJing...I
love to see new places and I'm a pretty nerdy tourist when it comes to sightseeing

TA: You used to produce/remix in the Hip-hop direction, what made you come to
electro? Is Hip-Hop dead?

MMMatthias: ''I think the way from hip-hop to electro is a logical step...
It's more a "back to the roots"-thing in my eyes...the sound of electro has a lot
more in common with traditional hip-hop than the hip-hop you hear/see nowadays
in the media. Hip-hop's not dead, it just has dementia. But I'm sure somebody will
find the antidote.''

TA: We heard your last few remixes, and we gotta say, that's where you've really
done some of your best work. How do you decide of what will be remixed, and what
is best left alone?

MMMatthias: ''It's the best work in my eyes too, since I still see my as a beginner in electro-production...think about my MGMT-remix which was just released a year ago and that was my first electro-remix ever! I'm very spontaneous
when I make my choice for a new remix...but the main points to choose a song
for remixing are simply recent hype of a band and my personal taste.''

TA: What's next for MMMatthias? Is there any chance of an album coming? What can we expect?

MMMatthias: ''There will be a 2-track MMMatthias EP called "question/answer"
and official remixes for "Killer on the dancfloor" from brazil and others released until fall. At the moment I'm working on a remix for the forthcoming aUtODisco Remix EP.''

TA: When will we see you in Berlin?

MMMatthias: ''Well, come and see me at Midsommar Festival on 3rd of july!
No more gigs in Berlin yet...
Maybe I'll play at next "Techno Alta"..?! :P''

TA: Thanks MMMatthias for taking the time for us. We are super excited to catch you
at the Berlin Midsommer Festival. And until then, have a good one.


You can grab the latest 'MMMatthias MMMix June 09' here or just copy n' paste:

1. DatA - Blood Theme
2. Overthrill - Rox
3. Zombie Nation - Mystery Meat Affair(Shadow Dancer Remix)
4. Hey Today - If I was Wonderman(Bobmo Remix)
5. Boys Noize - Jeffer
6. Burns - Turbo(Jokers of the Scene Remix)
7. The Faint - Machine in the Ghost (Djedjotronic Remix)
8. Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending (Vitalic Remix)
9. Moderat - Les Grandes Marches (MMMatthias Remix)
10.Fukkk Offf - Love me, Hate me, Kiss me, Kill me

'' everytime... ''

Be sure to check MMMatthias out at the Midsommer Festival Berlin on JULY 03 @ Rechenzentrum


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Edu K

If you don't know Edu K, you'd better start reading. Words, links and pics courtesy of check it out.

''Edu K

Edu K is undoubtedly one of Brazil’s most talented contemporary musicians. From the late Eighties onwards, Edu K has been the singer and front man of Brazilian punk band De Falla with a rare mix of musical styles from heavy metal to punk rock and favela funk. Edu K as a producer mixes up the genres relentlessly, his tracks are always different, hitting the mark with a Brazillian flare. From new wave, to Baile funk and here a kind of minmalist Congo/Latin house full of slick drums, whistles and wailing children.

albin myers – times like these (edu k’s mucho fucked up mix)

tee ski & shab ruffcut – ooww barr boo (edu k remix)
seguindo sonhos – vamos mecher (edu k remix)
Timbau – Edu K

Plus a rockin mix for you to chew over.

Edu K – Fidget Hangover Mix

Afrojack – Polkadots
Aoo&ooA – Vodka (Angel Alanis Remix)
Tom Flyn – Zinga
Harvard Bass – 81 (Renaissance Man Remix)
Femme En Fourrure – Pull Out
Douster – For Weirdos Only (Momma’s Boy Remix)
Gregor Salto – Mexer (Funkin’ Matt 3AM Remix)
Edu K – Broken Tap
Benny Rodrigues & Kapuchon – The Other Finger
Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Bad Side (Hannah Holland Remix)
Mom & Dad – Judas
Zombie Disco Squad – Turin Baile Blend
Edu K – La Trompeta
Seguindo Sonhos – Pela Primeira Vez (Edu K Remix) ''



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