Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Edu K

If you don't know Edu K, you'd better start reading. Words, links and pics courtesy of check it out.

''Edu K

Edu K is undoubtedly one of Brazil’s most talented contemporary musicians. From the late Eighties onwards, Edu K has been the singer and front man of Brazilian punk band De Falla with a rare mix of musical styles from heavy metal to punk rock and favela funk. Edu K as a producer mixes up the genres relentlessly, his tracks are always different, hitting the mark with a Brazillian flare. From new wave, to Baile funk and here a kind of minmalist Congo/Latin house full of slick drums, whistles and wailing children.

albin myers – times like these (edu k’s mucho fucked up mix)

tee ski & shab ruffcut – ooww barr boo (edu k remix)
seguindo sonhos – vamos mecher (edu k remix)
Timbau – Edu K

Plus a rockin mix for you to chew over.

Edu K – Fidget Hangover Mix

Afrojack – Polkadots
Aoo&ooA – Vodka (Angel Alanis Remix)
Tom Flyn – Zinga
Harvard Bass – 81 (Renaissance Man Remix)
Femme En Fourrure – Pull Out
Douster – For Weirdos Only (Momma’s Boy Remix)
Gregor Salto – Mexer (Funkin’ Matt 3AM Remix)
Edu K – Broken Tap
Benny Rodrigues & Kapuchon – The Other Finger
Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Bad Side (Hannah Holland Remix)
Mom & Dad – Judas
Zombie Disco Squad – Turin Baile Blend
Edu K – La Trompeta
Seguindo Sonhos – Pela Primeira Vez (Edu K Remix) ''


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