Friday, June 19, 2009

Just Do The Dada.

Dada Life have been moving bodies (on the dancefloor that is) since the 2006 release of 'Big time'. Last spring you all got a taste of the 'Happy Hands & Happy Feet EP'. Well, we had a listen to their new debut album, 'Just Do The Dada' |Due September 8 2009, on The Hours| and we think the Swedish duo (Olle Corneer and Stefan Engblom) are here to stay. If you're a fan of House/Electronica, then you may find Dada Life a perfect fit. But we'll let Olle Corneer explain a bit about themselves:

“We don't want to be perceived as arty, but we like the anti-ideas and f*ck-off-attitude of Dada. We have just taken the word Dada and filled it with whatever we like. Like the title track "Just Do The Dada" - it doesn't really mean anything specific. That's also the ideas we want to communicate - the basic concept of Dada Life - anti-everything, f*ck-all, but still not pinpointed. Everybody can do the Dada. But no one really knows what it is. All this has been the idea from the start. Hence older titles "This Machine Kills Breakfasts", "Vote Yes" and "The Great Fashionista Swindle" and new tracks created for the album "Let's Get Bleeped Tonight" and "Happy Hands & Happy Feet." There's a certain attitude to Dada Life, but it's not specific,”

Don't Forget to Pick up 'Just Do The Dada' on September 8th. Until then, chew on this:

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